Meet the men that sing to the King

To the King Male Chorus had its inception in the home of Gerzinus and Jeannetta Hoekstra.  Friends would come together for singing and fellowship and in 1972 the decision was made to form a men’s choir as well as a mixed chorus.  Originally named "Collegium Musicum", they performed their first concert that year and they have been singing a challenging selection of music from Gregorian chant, spirituals, anthems and religious works to folksongs and operettas.

In 2011, Gerzinus handed the director's baton over to his son, Mendelt.  Jeannetta retired from her position as accompanist and pianist Julie Hoff began accompanying the choir.  In the spring of 2013, the choir became known as To the King Male Chorus, marking the beginning of a new era after 40 rich years of music.  Every Monday evening, To the King meets in St. Catharines to learn new music and rehearse.  The choir, which has now grown to 42 voices, is comprised of all ages of men from all over the Niagara Peninsula.  To learn more about the choir, or to find out where they are performing next, connect on

Recently, To the King has partnered with Tim’s Tribute.  Tim's Tribute is dedicated to providing assistance to the families of innocent victims of homicide.  It was founded by Sharlene Bosma to honour the memory of her husband Tim Bosma, a victim of homicide.  A portion of
this season's proceeds will be donated to Tim’s Tribute, as well as $2 for each CD sold.  To learn more, go to


Meet the Director that leads To the King

Director Mendelt D. Hoekstra was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario.  He has been performing for a wide array of audiences since he was six years old. 

Mendelt studied Music and Theory at Redeemer College University in Ancaster, Ontario and Music Therapy at Capilano University in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  Mendelt is the originator and facilitator of the Music Therapy program at Bethesda Community Services, an agency in the Niagara region supporting individuals with a developmental disability in the Spirit of Christ. 

Mendelt is currently the director of To the King Male Chorus and the founder, Executive and Artistic Director of Momentum Choir, a highly successful regional choir in Niagara for adults with a disability.  Mendelt was recently nominated for a City of St. Catharines Arts Award in the “Making a Difference” category, an honour for any Director. 

Mendelt's enthusiasm for music and performing is infused in the choir's singing and it is his hope that the joy of the music offered is contagious for the listener.


Meet the Pianist that accompanies To the King

Pianist Julie Hoff keeps herself busy with a boisterous three-year-old and a variety of jobs.  She teaches music lessons and works as a photographer.  Making music is a passion of hers because of how it has the ability to free us to experience beauty in the midst of the mess of life.  For nearly four years now, she has enjoyed accompanying both To the King and Momentum Choir.  She has also enjoyed putting up with the director of said choirs and takes great pleasure in spending every Monday night with the banter, wit and talent of To the King.

Julie’s passion for music flows through her fingers and into the ears and hearts of the audience and the men of To the King greatly appreciate her gifts and talents.